My First Webpage.........Yep...Really!

This is my first webpage that I am designing.  

My hope is for this webpage to become my squezepage.  

My goal is to be make a living online while teaching others how to. 

From My Perspective, My Hangups, My Interest in the Internet.

Although this seems a fars way off there are days I think that I am closer than you think.
Ideas, ideas, ideas all running around in my head.  Finally time to get them on paper!

Formatting the Webpage/Formatting the Text/Color

Format the Webpage:  
To set the WIDTH  go to Insert dropdown at top, choose Table.... leave all boxes alone but the width.  
The width should be b/t 650-800 pixels.  i chose 700.
Center Align the box so you will have an equal background on all sides.

Format the Text:
Go to Body Text drop down.  You have choices of Header 1, Header 2 (up to 6), paragraph, etc.  It is important to understand the significance of using KEYWORDS when considering your Headers.  Choose the appropriate body as it relates to what you are working on.  
There is a dropdown below Body Text that has all the Font styles to choose from.  
For Headers an excellent font is called Tahoma.  For paragraph writing there are 4 that have proven tested:  
Verdana, Georgia, Helvetica Arial and by default:   Times New Roman.

Go to Format dropdown and select Page Colors and Background.


Four (4) different kinds:
  1. Internal - links you to another page w/in your website (ex. home, products, contact, about)
  2. External - links you to another website.
  3. Anchor - links to a certain part ofyour webpage (top, bottom, etc.)
  4. Email - allows visitor to create an email
highlight the text you want to link,
click LINK at top.
At link location section of drop down enter the full webite address including the http://

When Someone clicks on a link if you want to have a New Page open:
Same section click on ADVANCED EDIT,
in this window select ATTRIBUTE dropdown
choose TARGET

Click here to watch video showing this  

select anywhere on your webpage you want someone to be sent to.  example at bottom of page i wrote 'take me to the top of page'. Go to top of page and select the area that you want someone taken to and highlight a word.
Go to INSERT....NAMED ANCHOR.  (normally the word you highlight will appear, click ok)  
Kompozer will place an anchor there while working on your webpage.
Go to bottom of page to text that says 'take me to top of page' and highlight.
Go to LINK use dropdown menu w/in Link Location and choose your Named Anchor

write text such as 'click here to email Jeff'.
highlight it and go to LINK.  in Link Location type in the following:   mailto:  and then type in your email address without a space.   (ex. click OK.
save and browse...always do this to 'test' what you have just created.


click here for Formatting

click here to email Jeff